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Here is where you can post your thoughts and comments on Tarot sessions that you have experienced with me.


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  1. it was an incredible experience….i always thought tarot reading was like astrology….but when harpreet read my cards…its was somuch different…it was like the answers to my questions were always there within me…he just pointed the torch on them via cards….

    personaly to was like a way of looking at things and issues that we keep avoiding n postponing thinking about…cause we fear the outcome…with the session with harpreet…they just seem to fall in perspective…its like introspection with sorting of thoughts…n issuies of life….i plan to do it atleast every six month …

  2. The session with Harpreet really helped me see a lot of things in the right perspective. Needless to say that Harpreet is extremely intutive and insightful, but his biggest strength is his ability to empathise. Maybe all these qualities come to him because he wants to help people. I ended up going with 1 question and he answered about 10, mostly because he felt it was in my interest. God bless and hope you grow by leaps and bounds and spread happiness..

  3. Harpreet is intuitive without fault. I was completely impressed… I am writing this after a couple of months after I went to him for a read and trust me, his predictions did come true, or rather, the ones I did nothing to avert. I have just been to him for one a week or so back and I am already changing a few things that he said I should pay attention to.

    • Hi, Radhika. 🙂 I am afraid I am a bit like you in this case, I am thanking everyone here after a long time passed since they wrote in. So well, I hope you find it excusable, too. 🙂 I am glad the read helped you out.

  4. I went for a session to him recently and he told me things i wasn’t willing to face. I think this has aready been mentioned by Mr Yadav here that Harpreet asks us to face things we already know but dont want to face. I was avoiding making some decisions but now that my fears and hopes have been actualy said out loud by someone i just met – i think it is time i paid attention. Thank you, Harpreet, it was truely helpful.

  5. When I went to Harpreet, I was quite a mess. I was having trouble with my personal relationships and my career was heading nowhere. It was a read with him that brought some coherence in my world view and I learnt a few things not only about the circumstances around me but about my own actions leading to and reactions leading from then… i wish i had gone to him a little earlier and avoided some things that i could have done without. But thanks to him I got an ‘insight’ on an issue close to my heart, and with his advice I learned how to tackle it just right! THanks, Harpreet!

  6. I sought help from Harpreet and he was kind enough to help me with the kind of guidance I needed. So on a particular night at exactly 23:00 hours his cards were ready for me to pick. He gave me instructions on how it should go about and said that sometimes the cards are not ready for us and we need to understand. Luckily for me, by the first three minutes of the session, I had made a connection. He looked at me and asked, “Is this all true? Is this what you asked for as per my instructions in the beginning?” I shook my head furiously and said, “Yes!” Later on, we went on this roller coaster ride of questions and more questions to get to what it all meant. Like he read my mind, he helped me formulate questions on a broader perspective so I could make sense of all of it. He helped me ask the right questions and narrow it down to the real answer or answers I needed. We broke it down to bits. He helped me understand every card sometimes with a single word but mostly with an explanation so I could understand what it was trying to say. He didn’t even think or look confused. It was like the moment the card was placed on the black cloth on which the rest of the cards lay, words would form on his lips and he would tell me what it meant. To my surprise it all fit so well that I needed no further clarifications with all he had to say as he was so clear and to the point. After we had got all our questions answered, without any further hard work, he plotted them to derive to a plan which I made in my head. I just had to connect them all.It was by far the best, fruitful, simple and clearly a spiritual connection with the power I call God and with myself and I really thank Harpreet for helping me with every tick in time.

  7. Hi….I went to Harpreet when I was in deep mental turmoil. My situation was driving me crazy… I somehow already knew the answers at the back of my mind but the way he put things in perspective was amazing. Without being judgemental, he helped me to come to terms with so many aspects of my situation that now I’m more at peace and able to see more clarity which has helped me so much mentally and emotionally. He’s really good and definately I would recommed his help for anybody who needs sound guidance.

  8. I have done a few readings and never ever it was vague. At the end of the session you feel all your questions are answered and the reading helps and guides you in taking key decisions. If you are not prepared with endless questions, the card spread will speak for you of your current state of mind and help you to speak up. In case you have a never ending list don’t worry HC has all the patience and energy and the cards would answer all of these:). Try and you will realise the dough was well spent!

  9. I met Harpreet a few weeks ago for a reading. There’s so much I have heard about him, everyone who knows him has something nice to say. When a dear friend told me Harpreet does tarot reading as well, I went ahead and asked him for a meeting.
    From the moment the door opened, he was congenial and hospitable. I have had a tarot reading before, what made this one different was how warm Harpreet comes across while he does a reading. He doesn’t seem distant while he’s doing it. He speaks on your behalf. He helps word the questions better. There’s a sense of comfort around him. Even when the cards may not reveal something that’s reassuring, I noticed he breaks it down gently. It’s a rare trait I must say. And am sure it ain’t easy for him as well, but given his experience, he has mastered the art.
    I met him at a time when I did not have peace of mind. I must say that I walked away feeling calmer and reassured. And I am sure, I’d be getting in touch with him often 🙂

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