(Tarot: Rider-Waite) A Sample of the Celtic Cross Spread

Psychic readings can be anything from reading the tarot to casting runes to understand the stars. A psychic reading can also be done without cards, runes or the alignment of the stars. But, in a Tarot reading, the Reader uses the cards as a tool through which he can let his own intuition and the energies surrounding him find a possible answer for the Querent.

Choosing a Tarot reader can be difficult. One of the best ways to find a Tarot reader is through referrals. When a person gets a referral from a friend or relative they can usually trust that the Reader is worth going to.

But now that you have arrived to this page, you will be thinking of having me read the Tarot Cards for you. So I must start this briefing with the fact that the Tarot cards do not always “speak” … in the initial few moments after laying the Celtic Cross spread, the cards may indicate that they are not ready to divulge any information. If I tell you that I cannot read for you at a given point in time, then this is truly the case and I am not being rude or I have not seen something in the cards that I do not wish to relate (because that is something I just will not do). I cannot help you in this case for the simple reason a connection has not been established intuitively.

You, as the Querent, must know that for the cards to bestow information you have to be comfortable with me as the Reader. You have to be at ease, any hesitation or unease will distort the reading. You need to clear your mind – either by calmly breathing for a few minutes as I shuffle the cards, or perhaps, if it works for you, say a silent prayer to lighten your heart.

Then you have to have a fairly good idea of what you wish to know from the reading. I shall happily provide you with a notepad for you to write down the issues that you need to make your decisions for, or the questions you need to find answers to. This helps because I will connect to these thoughts and gain focus in order to lay the cards out. I will light a candle before we begin the tarot session in order to create just such a focus and to cleanse the energies surrounding the cards.

As I begin, I will ask you to shuffle the cards, in order that your personal energies touch the cards from which you will be asking questions. I believe each person has his or her own energy that they bring to the Read, which is why it is most important that your focus remains clear and your faith remains strong. You will be asked to cut the cards three times with your left hand and then from the deck before you, you yourself shall hand me ten cards of your own choosing.

As I lay the cards out before you, I will explain each position the card falls into and what the card itself indicates. Finally the entire spread as a whole will have a certain meaning which I shall narrate. If you have been even slightly skeptical about the Read before we began, you will see by the way the cards are laid out that I am not pulling things out of thin air. The cards will have served as a guide for my intuition which I shall then be able to disseminate into words with the help of the meanings of the cards laid out before you.

Please remember: I can help you with your questions, dilemmas and choices, but I cannot tell you with a 100% guarantee that something will or will not happen. Your mind has already begun to process information about a certain matter and your mind will move on a path that shall help you make choices that affect your future. For example: the cards will say that if you go on a certain course of action, this would be the outcome. Therefore, unconsciously, you may circumvent that particular course of action, in order that ‘this’ does not happen; and the future will naturally alter. The future is not written in stone and even the tiniest decision you make shall affect it.

My job is to help you in either finding the problems you are unaware of, or helping you decide which could be the best course of action. TO put it succinctly, my job is to guide and help you reach clarity from ambiguity.

– HC


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  1. Hmmm…pretty interesting!

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