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April 4, 2011

“My day cards show The Star, The Page of Cups and The Tower. What does this sequence imply?”

The Star would indicate hope and a loving phase. You will become aware of how successful you are and you will find courage in this awareness.

The Page of Cups indicates the beginning of creativity. You unconscious is trying to communicate with you and needs a vent. It could signify the entry of a person who is carefree and emotional. It could also mean that the you may be emotional today.

The Tower would signify a time of turmoil – and also a change that is about to happen because of this phase that you are entering. In the linking of these cards, the hope represented by the Star could result in a change of an old world order in your life. There will be a breaking of bonds or perhaps a release of your own ego into a direction of humility.

You will definitely see things in a new way.

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