This is a card I removed to signify the progress of the year for those born on May 28th. This card is associated with Leo, the lion. It asks you to develop true strength. “To do so, balance the aspects of you that are human, animal and divine. It may seem impossible, but love, kindness and a brave heart can bring them into balance.” Higher nature always triumphs over material desire. Though results are slow to manifest, you must do what needs to be done – and you shall realise that the power to do so is already given to your inner most nature. This is an important Karmic period and what you do today shall sow the seeds of what you shall reap later. The Chariot focuses on strength derived from external forces, but this card asks you to focus on the strength that lies within. Look into yourself and you shall constantly find a great friend, a valid hope and a contented, if not bright, future. Be kind to yourself, but also be firm.


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