Two of Wands

After a long time today, I picked a card for the day. The Two of Wands came into my hands and I was using the Shadowscapes Tarot that I keep close at hand. The image as you can see to the left is a beautiful one – as all of the images in this tarot deck are. Stephanie Pui-Mun Law, the creator of this deck, speaks of our reality as a ‘dream world’… where, she asks, will this dream world take us? In this card, she represents the Power presented in the Two of Wands within a woman and a lion, looking down upon their domain. I tend to see this woman ambivalent to her state of being. She has what she wants and now she looks ahead into the future. I hope for her sake she doesn’t let the animal within supersede gentler emotions and just because she has the power doesn’t mean she has to use it. Power is after all, a gift, but it is a dangerous gift and must never be abused.


It is a card that deals with the planet Mars, and this specific card deals with Mars in Aries. Therefore the card forewarns to think deeply before acting impulsively. Be determined, but ask yourself if the end really does justify the means?


Personally, I name this card Hope instead of Power. I prefer to see that the woman in this card looks ahead into her future. She realises that she had achieved what she set out to, but in the long run, nothing material will ever manifest in true happiness. So she looks to the future and ahead, while her lesser self (represented in the lion) looks below, hoping that she realises what existence is essentially all about.


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