Knight of Swords

On one side, the Knight of Swords is direct, authoritative, incisive, knowledgeable and logical. He is frank and outspoken. He acts with certainty and thereby influences others with his intellect. He reasons clearly and makes sense out of confusion.

On the other side, the Knight is blunt to the point of rudeness. He tends to be domineering and acts high-handedly. He lacks sensitivity and can be extremely sarcastic. He must have the last word and is cold and aloof.

You need to ask yourself which side of the Knight do you most see within yourself today. Then try and imbibe what the opposite side holds. You see, one of either side can be harmful. A balance is essential.


One Comment to “Knight of Swords”

  1. hmmmmmmmmmm…..a balance !! so easily said …so difficult to achieve…But the cards hve spoken 🙂

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